Doha, Qatar – Albaker Investments and Paradise Blue Beach Restaurants Doha, running the medium to high-end restaurant chain in Qatar and the Qatari choice of restaurant when it comes to French and Italian cuisine, is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of L’Éclair De Génie  in Tawar Mall. The signature genius eclairs that reinvent the classic French Patisserie from Le Marais Bakery is now here ready to serve you. 

It’s time for an all-éclair shop straight from Paris to finally open its doors in Tawar Mall on Al Markhiya Street. L’Éclair De Génie announced the Grand Opening on 18 September 2019, and it’s time to get our taste buds ready for another next level of French invasion.

Well thought-out the current mostly prominent patisserie treat in France, the éclair gets haute at L’Éclair de Genie, under the care of the Celebrity Parisian Pastry Chef Christophe Adam, whose creations for his stunning treat will really entertain your eyes and satisfy your cravings. 

L’Éclair de Génie is a creative concept, mainly around one product, offering contemporary, rock’n’roll éclairs, that break the codes of traditional pastry. L’Eclair de Génie also offers a delicious range of grocery chocolates, a unique experience high in colors and tastes! Adam insisted on sourcing the best ingredients for locally and around the world, Hazelnuts and Sea Salt from specific region in France; pistachios from Iran, vanilla from Madagascar and coffee from Ethiopia. All of our chocolates are served in clear packaging, in order for you to see the fine quality. In addition, L’Eclair de Génie also provide Personalized Eclairs, Eclairs Tower and personalized hampers to make your event or gift very special.

According to the Canadian Blogger, Tammy Kwan, “If you’re not familiar with this type of dessert, they are basically long john-shaped pastries. Its shells are made from choux (light pastry dough) and filled with different flavours of cream or custard.”

There are over 20 branches of these éclair shops around the world, including Paris, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Milan, Italy, and Moscow, Russia, Georgia, New York, USA and Vancouver, Canada.

Adam said, “All these 257 kinds of eclairs were brought from the kitchen of my grandmother who truly adores eclairs and I still have fun playing with new flavours, textures and colours,” adding “The éclair must have oomph, with a dazzling, modern look.”

The feeling is at bliss from the moment your eyes meet Adam’s éclair masterpieces, you will truly be bedazzled. Above and beyond these delicious flavours, Adam is certain of making his creations with bright colours and intricate toppings.

Guests can expect signature éclair choices such as Pistachio Cherry, Passion Raspberry, Chouchou Caramel, Grand Cru Amere, Hazelnut Praline Chocolate, Vanilla Madagascar & Pecan, Lemon Yuzu Meringue and our very own, exclusive only in Qatar, the Éclair Fig.

Abdulla Albaker, Chief Executive Officer of the Paradise Blue Beach Restauranrs and the Deputy Chairman of Albaker Investments said, “This is only the first branch among the other branches we are planning to open in Doha. Our customers can expect few more branches around the city to make this available to them.”  Albaker shared his sentiments too, that the Qataris are fond of the sugary pastries and these eclairs are most loved by them when they are visiting Paris. 

Moreover, Raffy Gimeno, Marketing and Sales Manager of the company said that it is their desire to bring the best restaurants of the world in Qatar, and L’Éclair De Génie is just one of the famous global brands they have just brought in to the country and customers have to wait until they present the other international restaurants in town. 

Abdulaziz Albaker, the Chief Finance Officer also shared his remarks that the restaurants are strategically selected and these will set a remarkable positioning that gears towards the FIFA World Cup 2022. Supported with the statement from the CEO of Albaker Investments and Albaker Architects, Mr. Yausif Albaker shared that the varieties of designs for L’éclair De Genie Qatar are created in conformity to the brand guidelines but specifically the interior design is based on the Qatari trend and what we feel is suited to the locals and expats’ lifestyle.

The organization is one with Qatar in offering the best things and experiences to the community members, residents and locals of the state.