• Air

    ر.ق11,360 MS-0011
  • Cleopatra 2

    ر.ق10,200 MS-0002
    Cleopatra 2, just the name itself shows how majestic this Moser is. Seemingly like it's from the past, this Amber Vase is truly majestic!
  • Caorle

    ر.ق22,500 MS-0001
    A majestic and beautiful masterpiece from Moser. This glasswork is without a doubt, one-of-a-kind. Its flawless edges and intricate design shows the masterful craftsmanship of the glass artist that created this. The gradient of red and green perfectly captures the interests of anyone that looks upon it. It almost seems like a ripening apple; the Caorle is a gorgeous representation of nature.
  • Cleopatra 3

    ر.ق11,850 MS-0003
    Much like Cleopatra 2, Cleopatra 3 is a Moser Vase that's for royalty. It is the epitome of simplicity and elegance!
  • Ikebana

    ر.ق7,730 MS-0004
    Ikebana, a round vase with a twist. This Moser Vase resembles a honeycomb due to the shapes of its holes. A true masterpiece!
  • Globe

    ر.ق8,350 MS-0005
    This beautiful round vase from the Moser Collection is named 'Globe' due to it's flawless curves and its shape being round.
  • Lady Hamilton

    ر.ق10,800 MS-0006
    • An elegant, classical vase from the Lady Hamilton collection
    • Ideal to complete the festively laid table together with the other accessories from the Lady Hamilton collection
    • Hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal
    • Hand cut andhand polished to a high gloss
    • The hand cut vase is available in clear or with 24K gold (so called oroplastic – the motif of Amazons or flowers)
  • Twist

    ر.ق10,530 MS-0007
    A work of art. This masterpiece is called the Twist and it lives up to the name. The Twist is a masterpiece part of The Moser Collection.
  • Pear (Aqua Reseda)

    ر.ق21,970 MS-0008
    A beautiful modern crystal vase from the Moser Collection. Named Pear, the blend of blue and green colors of this vase is a sight to behold.
  • Pear (Rose)

    ر.ق10,050 MS-0009
    A beautiful counterpart of Pear Reseda. The Pear Rose is slick modern-style crystal glass vase with the colors of that of the rose.
  • Pear (Aqua Reseda) 2

    ر.ق3,060 MS-0010
    A smaller version of the Pear (Aqua Reseda). The size of this Pear (Aqua Reseda) is 13 CM only and is 17 CM smaller than the aforementioned.
  • Poppy

    ر.ق35,300 MS-0012
    Golden colors like the sun and a solitary red poppy. This Moser Vase named 'Poppy' is a masterpiece like no other!
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