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A majestic and beautiful masterpiece from Moser. This glasswork is without a doubt, one-of-a-kind. Its flawless edges and intricate design shows the masterful craftsmanship of the glass artist that created this. The gradient of red and green perfectly captures the interests of anyone that looks upon it. It almost seems like a ripening apple; the Caorle is a gorgeous representation of nature.

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There are shapes and objects which invariably and irresistibly attract attention. And one of these is truly the CAORLE vase. Is it the refinement of the six-angle grinding inspired by the history of Italian architecture and sharp edges copying the shape of the mantel? Or is it perhaps a new combination of subtle hues in the ocean and rosy colors, which create the atmosphere of an underwater world? One thing is for sure, it will always be different from one set of eyes to the next.



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Dimensions 30 cm



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