Pear (Aqua Reseda) 2

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A smaller version of the Pear (Aqua Reseda). The size of this Pear (Aqua Reseda) is 13 CM only and is 17 CM smaller than the aforementioned.

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  • The People’s Choice category of Czech Grand Design 2012, awarded by the Academy of Design ofthe Czech Republic, went to Lukáš Jabůrek for his design of the Pear vase
  • An exclusive vase inspired by the pear shaped diamond
  • The author comments his art work as follows: “Polished diamond firmly holds its incline plane. Outwardly, precision-ground edges raise rigor and high standards, but inside hides a pure soul, which denounces how difficult this piece was. It was created by the most valuable thing we possess, the skilled master glassblowers and cutters hands, whose sweat and toil are reflected through all sides of the crystal mass. A pear is a seated figure, a friend who will remain forever.”
  • Mouth blown from the pure unleaded ecological crystal glass
  • Hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss

Please be aware that the size of this Pear (Aqua Reseda) 2, is 13 CM which falls under the 10 CM – 19 CM



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Dimensions 13 cm



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